Camping around the USA

With close to 4 million square miles of soaring mountains, crystal clear lakes and fascinating pristine beaches the United States definitely offers endless options as far as camping is concerned. However, not all the campsites are created equal so, here is a number of awesome places you should consider pitching your tent on come the summer.

Camping around the USA

Crater Lake National Park
Formed because of a violent eruption, which triggered the collapse of a tall peak, Crater Lake, inspires great awe.  Being about 1,943 foot deep, the crystal blue lake is believed to be the deepest and the clearest in the whole world.

The intensity of its dark blue color is a clear induction of actually how far down Crater Lake goes. The surrounding is also to die for as the old growth ponderosa pine and amazing sheer cliffs create an astounding backdrop. The scientists marvel at this natural wonder, which is at a stunning setting atop the mountain range of Cascade.

This park boasts two developed camping grounds- Lost Greek campground and Mazama campground. While Mazama is flexible to accommodate both RV’s and tents, Lost Greek is a first come first served kind of site accommodating tents only.

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Acadia National Park, Maine
Maine is renowned as an unbeatable state of Pine Trees for a reason. It’s surrounded by over 17 million acres of forests, over 6000 ponds and small lakes plus over 32000 miles stretches of streams and rivers all posing as spicy ingredients for an unforgettable camp setting- basically, a camper’s haven.

Situated on Mount Desert Island, Acadia National Park is perfect for nature enthusiasts looking for a unique and thrilling experience.

You can hike to the top peak of Cadillac Mountain- the highest spot along the East Coast to enjoy the sunrise at dawn and be the first person to witness as the sun touches the American soil.

The natural landscapes will defy your preconceived expectations and the beautiful views of the porcupine islands plus the quint village of Bar Harbor provide some of the most fascinating picturesque spots on earth.

Blackwoods Campground would be a great bet as its stone-throw away from the ocean and hiking trails. It’s also located at the heart of Acadia within close proximity to the main sites. It is a favorite to many especially during summer so be sure to make reservations beforehand.

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White Mountain National Forest, New Hampshire
If you were in for a more rustic experience then heading to White Mountain would be an ideal spot. The hiking trails are amazing with challenge levels of all type of fitness. The views here are particularly heavenly during fall when the stunning foliage turns shades of orange, yellow and red.

Scenic view, located in the small town of Warren is nestled along the beautiful and the babbling Baker River surrounded by natural beauty, majestic peaks, and boundless recreation opportunities.

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Death Valley National Park, California
Don’t let the cheeky name scare you off, this park offers you a great opportunity to feel humbled by awe-inspiring nature. With gigantic dunes and fine sand spreading as far as your eyes can reach, Death Valley is a remarkable sight. It exists to defy what is regarded as typical geography of US- it’s entirely foreign but all the reason to love it!

Mesquite is a bit remote, tucked away from main attractions but it has that natural camping feel nestled within the desert vegetation and open enough for some stargazing.