Name Street City
Ashley National Forest Moon Lake CampgroundDuchesne
Camperworld-Lakeside Park Annex8850 S 26500 W, From the intersection of US 40 & US 191, go 4 mi W on US 40.Duchesne
Lowe Beach - Starvation State ParkDuchesne
Miners Gulchuchesne Ranger Dist, Ashley NF, From Duchesne, UT, take Highway 27 north to junction 87 and 35. TurnDuchesne
Miners Gulch CampgroundDuchesne
Mountain View - Starvation State ParkDuchesne
Starvation Lake State Park24220 W 7655 S State Park RdDuchesne
Starvation Reservoir State ParkDuchesne
Starvation State ParkDuchesne
Starvation State Park - Indian BayDuchesne
Starvation State Park - Juniper PointDuchesne
Starvation State Park - Knight HollowDuchesne
Starvation State Park - Rabbit GulchDuchesne